5 reasons why your build will benefit from a steel flooring system

When you think of flooring you don’t always think of steel. Yet when it comes to projects that require efficient flooring solutions, you can’t go past the adaptability of this superior material. Wood, tiles and concrete may all be classic choices, but they don’t always get the job done right. If your build involves a warehouse, workspace or patio you are going to want a floor that more readily complements the other materials of your structure.

Thankfully, our Superior Floor X is a steel flooring system engineered to be flexible for your project. Keep reading to learn more about how you and your build or renovation will benefit from the installation of steel flooring.

You will save time and money

Requiring minimal to no cutting time on site, steel flooring is super fast to install. So if you need to reduce the minimum construction time on site, to keep to schedule or work around adverse weather conditions, steel is definitely the material for you. Short installation times also mean less labour and cost, making steel one of the most economical options for your project.

You won’t have to compromise on design

You shouldn’t have to change your design to accommodate the requirements of your chosen flooring. When you work with steel you work with a highly flexible material that meets your needs, no matter what your design. This is particularly important if you are building or renovating an area of your home. Available in four size beams, and in a wide variety of colours, steel flooring is the fully engineered solution you’ve been looking for.

Your flooring will go the distance

If you are working with a larger space, it can be tricky to know what kind of flooring will (literally) go the distance. Thankfully our steel flooring solutions offer a two-piece steel beam that is crimped together, delivering a far larger spanning capability and ensuring the most efficient and economical solution for your space. Due to steel’s impressive spanning capabilities, the number of internal load bearing walls and columns you will need is also minimised, making it the perfect option for warehouse and workspace structures in particular.

You won’t have to worry about rot or termites

If you want to avoid having to replace a rotten floor, you’re best off working with materials that will not attract pests or hold unwanted, excess moisture. One of the best things about working with steel is knowing that rot will never be an issue. The best part? Unlike other materials, steel flooring will not attract or harbour termites, which means one less thing you have to worry about both short and longer term.

Your floor will be very easy to maintain

Not only does steel offer a fast, simple and cost-effective install solution in the short term, it’s also easy to take care of as the years go on. The material requires a very low amount of maintenance to keep it looking good and performing at its best. That means less time worrying about taking care of your building, and more time taking care of your business, and of course your leisure.

To learn more about how steel flooring can benefit your project, request a quote, or contact us today.

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